Wow. So this is what racism really feels like. This microscopic, non-discriminatory virus has—ironically—reminded me of what discrimination feels like. Asians across the globe are experiencing higher levels of hate and judgment due to the coronavirus being of Chinese origin.

Hi Parents and art lovers! I've created a new art activity for you to teach your kids (and yourselves). You will be able to teach them how to draw a whole neighborhood using simple shapes. I promise these are easy

Hey Parents & Doodlers! Check out these videos for art activities to do with your kids. I will be periodically posting easy-to-follow art videos to help you teach your kids (and yourselves) how to draw. I hope you will

What an eerie and unprecedented time. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying home. Since we’re all under quarantine, I’ve been thinking about all the places I want to go back to once society is healthy again. Can’t wait to