Habit Tracking with Bear Mindful – Developing Micro Habits to help me stay on Track with all my Projects

2020 has been a numbing year for us all. If you’re old enough to be aware of your surroundings, you just know. My mom also passed away this year. Finding out about the cancer diagnosis to the time of her […]

Where I Had My Business Cards Made

I have gotten a handful of questions from people asking where I got my business cards done—thank you so much by the way! I made them through Next Day Flyers. I was made familiar by this brand through a friend […]

I Quit My Corporate Job To Be an Artist and These are the Best Tips I Can Give

I quit my corporate job over a year ago and here are some things that I have learned along the way. I have made plenty of mistakes on this journey but they were indispensable to my growth—and absolutely necessary. Learning […]

Make Your Own DIY Planner at Home – with Japanese Elements

As a kid, I would go to a local Morning Glory store in Chicago to check out cute stickers, stationery, and planners. I don’t know why I needed a planner as a kid but I sure loved filling each page […]

Drawing on my Compost Bin with Sakura Decorese Gel Pens

Aside from creating art, composting has been another source of calm for me. It’s been helping with my anxiety from this ongoing pandemic. I’m sure everyone is feeling a sense of heightened anxiety right? Anyway, each little food scrap that […]

Women and Winning in Traditional Chinese Calligraphy

Learning how to write Traditional Chinese characters can be really tedious and not fun. I always have to preface my students with a disclaimer that learning the art of Traditional Chinese calligraphy requires a lot of patience and discipline. They […]

Black Lives Matter – Perspective from an Asian Calligrapher

This microscopic, non-discriminatory virus has—ironically—reminded me of what discrimination feels like. Asians across the globe are experiencing higher levels of hate and judgment due to the coronavirus being Chinese origin. I have never been so hyper aware of my racial […]

How to Draw a Cute Town in Easy Steps

Hi Parents and art lovers! I’ve created a new art activity for you to teach your kids (and yourselves). You will be able to teach them how to draw a whole neighborhood using simple shapes. I promise these are easy […]

Learn How to Draw Cute Animal Doodles with Circles

Hey Parents & Doodlers! Check out these videos for art activities to do with your kids. I will be periodically posting easy-to-follow art videos to help you teach your kids (and yourselves) how to draw. I hope you will discover […]