Beam Therapeutics Panel Discussion for AAPI Heritage Month – Going Back to My Pharma Community to Talk About Our API Experience

Today, I had the honor of being a panelist to talk about the AAPI experience. Thank you to Beam for creating a safe and open space to discuss our unique experiences. Also, thank you for allowing me to teach a […]

A Trip to Japan Without Leaving our Home – Iwakura Sushi Kaiseki with Washoku Renaissance

Back in March of 2021, I started planning a celebration for my partner’s birthday that is in May. March 2021 was still in the midst of the pandemic and we were unsure of when vaccines would be available to the […]

Our Collective Losses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wait. I’m taking this moment in. I received my second vaccine dose for Covid-19! Feels surreal to finally be at this point after so much loss. And just to understand the magnitude of this milestone, I made a list of […]

Fight Anti-Asian Hate Fundraiser for Boston Chinatown – Protest Violence by Funding Asian Organizations!

Over $400 was raised for Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center!!! I am beyond grateful for everyone’s purchase of the “Protect Our Elders” sticker. 100% ($5 per sticker and all $5 was donated) of your purchase went directly to BCNC to help […]

Sticker Sets for Women’s Month – 100% Proceeds Donated to Abby’s House!

March is International Women’s Month. I think we can all agree that the world has made progress in terms of acknowledging the value women have in our society. But, the truth is, there is a lot more work that needs […]

It’s My Birth Month and this is My Simple Wish List

For me, March is always an exciting time of the year because it feels like the start of a new year. It’s my favorite month and just so happens to be my birth month. The spring equinox happens this month […]

Journal Prompt Idea – How to Be More Mindful of All The Luxuries We Already Have

Being an artist is awesome. I know that I am incredibly and ridiculously lucky to have an outlet for my creative and emotional expression. There are days, however, where I fall into the common trap of focusing on what I […]

Cabbage the Tiger – A Character Brought to Life from my Daily Doodle Exercise

This is Cabbage the Tiger! Cabbage was the first name that came up and I love it so much. Here is some interesting facts about tigers in Asian culture. Did you know that the stripes on the tiger’s head resemble […]

The Power of Drawing a Small Doodle a Day – I Developed Efficient and Smarter Habits

This all started with lessons I learned from completing the 100-day project a few years ago. I wanted to get myself into the practice of drawing more so I thought that committing myself to drawing for 100 consecutive days would […]