What to Consider when Setting yourself up as a Vendor for an Art Market

Congratulations! You get to sell your artwork as a vendor at a market and/or fair! Okay, now what? This is an exciting opportunity to put your products out there and here are some tips to help you create a successful event. From my experiences of selling at local indoor markets to outdoor out-of-state fairs, here’s a comprehensive checklist of things to consider:

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive as each vendor has various needs and each market is different.

Table & Chairs:

  • Ask if the market can provide table and chairs (if yes, this will help save much-needed space in your vehicle)
  • If you’re attending from out of state, inquire about local party rental businesses that can supply you with the tent, table, and chairs
  • Table cloth (consider stores like Joann Fabrics or Target)
  • Consider foldable chairs as they will be easy to fit in your car and to carry

Things to Bring:

  • Price list display for your products
  • Display for payment QR codes
  • Sign for your business (check out Uprinting.com or NextDayFlyers.com) or make it yourself!
  • Display props
    • Consider small easels to display artwork
    • Check out Homegoods.com for a great selection of wooden crates (see photo for example)
    • Check out Cleardisplays.com if you need a rack to display stationery greeting cards
  • Business cards
  • If you’re selling jewelry, bring a small mirror to help customers visualize your products on them
  • Shopping bags to package products
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra face masks
  • Create a mailing list form for people to keep in touch with you
I spray painted wooden crates that served two purposes: they helped me carry my products and also served as display props.


  • Invest in a tent. This is especially necessary for sunny days and for protection of your inventory
  • Sandbags or weights to hold down the tent


Make it easy for your customers to pay you.

  • Download relevant apps such as Square, Venmo, and Cash App
  • If using Square, bring the card swipe devices that attach to your mobile
  • Print out Venmo and Cash App QR barcodes for easy payment access
  • Have extra cash on hand for breaking larger bills

Technology Support:

  • Check if Wi-Fi is available
  • Mobile charging cables
  • Extra battery packs

Be Prepared for the Weather:

  • Sweaters for cold weather
  • Umbrella for rain

Other Considerations:

  • Have change for parking meters (for art markets that are in major cities)
  • Bring a friend, if possible, for moral support and bathroom breaks!
  • Water and snacks

Before the Event:

  • Print out loading instructions from the vendor
  • Check with the vendor to ensure your business name is listed properly
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition
  • Obtain any parking permits, if applicable

All markets will be different and will attract various demographics. Consider the types of vendors that will be attending. Also, consider the event type. For example, if the market is a ticketed event, you may expect lower foot traffic due to the exclusivity of the event.

Being a vendor can also be exhausting, as you’ll need to be ON all day talking to customers and managing your shop. Make sure you get rest. Also, be patient with yourself. You will learn so much by doing and will naturally evolve as you do more art markets. You got this!

Showcasing my Bear Mindful products at the Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover, MA

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