About Me

Rayna Lo is an artist living in Boston, MA. She is a calligrapher, illustrator, and educator.

Rayna is a second generation Taiwanese American, born in Chicago, IL.

Before embracing herself as an artist, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10+ years. Studying Traditional Chinese (Taiwan’s written language) calligraphy was her gateway into the art world and she has since then delved into various art forms such as illustration.

Through her westernized lenses, she is bridging together traditional Asian and contemporary art. Rayna is processing her personal experiences on what being Taiwanese American means. Through this exploration, she is finally allowing herself to develop her voice as an artist.

Rayna believes that art is an essential tool for self-exploration and self-expression. She is also driven by her purpose to diversify and expand on the AAPI narrative through her work.

Photo by Mel Taing