My name is Rayna and I am an artist living in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I am a calligrapher, illustrator, and educator.

My life has been a series of games and I played the corporate game of pharmaceutical regulations and supply chain for 10+ years. Yes, it only took me a decade to figure out it was not for me. It was one of those games I thought I had to play and I was too scared to start a different one. Thanks to the encouragement of my loved ones and some planning, I quit in early 2019 to pursue art.

I love the new game I’m playing! I’m learning new rules, unlearning old habits, and developing sketches for my new life. I’m enjoying the process of self-introspection and figuring out how I want to self-express myself through art. I realized this self-expression was something I denied myself while playing the corporate game and now that I have embraced myself as an artist, I want to use my voice for issues I care about.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and have a Taiwanese heritage that is very much alive in me. I took this for granted though. I locked up my rich cultural history and it was losing equity sitting in the closet. Desperate to connect to my heritage, I practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy. In a world where the simplified Chinese writing system is the majority, I wanted to give voice to my Taiwanese heritage through embracing traditional calligraphy. My goal is to ensure my culture does not stop with me; if fact, I want it to thrive while living far away from the motherland.

I am grateful that I am in the privileged position to have my culture so easily accessible. The world can be a scary place and I am saddened that other cultures are oppressed and on the verge of extinction. I have gained a sense of responsibility to preserve my culture and appreciate who I am.

Not only is preserving traditional arts important to me, but ensuring we have a future to pass it along to is equally important. I explore traditional arts but I also illustrate issues that threaten our existence through both traditional and modern aesthetics. Few of my practices are to use sustainable suppliers and donate a percentage of profits to environmental charities. We are never too small to make a difference. What is the point of preserving culture if we cannot offer it to the next generation?

Anyway, I am a work in progress and this is where I am at this very moment. For those that are reading, I wish you full self-expression in whatever sparks a light in you.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for questions.

Love, Rayna

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