My Reasons for Drawing – Simple Ways For Me to Connect with Myself and Rest my Weary Mind

Reasons to Draw – Simple Ways For Me to Connect with Myself and Rest my Weary Mind by Rayna Lo

The past few months have been really busy and I am taking some much-needed time to reconnect with myself. June is a little slower with school being over and people enjoying a much-needed summer vacation, especially coming out of a traumatizing pandemic. CDC has lifted mask mandates for the vaccinated and businesses are fully opening … Read more

How to Draw a Cute Town in Easy Steps

How to Draw a Cute Town by Rayna Lo

Hi Parents and art lovers! I’ve created a new art activity for you to teach your kids (and yourselves). You will be able to teach them how to draw a whole neighborhood using simple shapes. I promise these are easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any fancy art supplies. All you need is paper … Read more

Learn How to Draw Cute Animal Doodles with Circles

How to Draw Cute Animals with Circles by Rayna Lo

Hey Parents & Doodlers! Check out these videos for art activities to do with your kids. I will be periodically posting easy-to-follow art videos to help you teach your kids (and yourselves) how to draw. I hope you will discover some hidden artistic talents and express yourself through art! My goal is to think of … Read more