Cute and Easy Illustrated Guide on How to Cook Potstickers

The pandemic is still ongoing and I just really miss home. I wish I can travel to my family restaurant in Chicago but I’m not sure when we’re safely able to do so. The thought of flying gives me anxiety, too.

In the meantime, I have these frozen dumplings that I was able to get during my last visit (my mom passed away from cancer recently which prompted an emergency visit back home).

These dumplings reminded me of home and were cooked exactly how my dad taught me. I wanted to preserve the tradition with illustrations so that I can pass them along to my future kids. I also drew these instructions for personal enjoyment and out of the desire to feel connected to my family—especially during this time.

By the way, they are called potstickers because of they way they are cooked—they literally stick to the pot (or pan). All potstickers are essentially dumplings, but not all dumplings are potstickers. If you decide to cook your dumplings this way, let me know how they turn out. Enjoy!

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