Online Illustration Workshops

Online Illustration Doodle Workship with Rayna Lo

Online Illustration Doodle Workship with Rayna Lo

Online Illustration Doodle Workship with Rayna Lo

My purpose is to create a space that allows you to witness your own creativity and artistic abilities

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About this Online Workshop

You are creative and you can draw. I am here to help unlock your creativity and remove limiting beliefs about your artistic talents. No prior skills needed. No stencils needed. Just pen and paper.

Taught in English. Great for beginners with little to no artistic experience. Go on an artistic journey with easy-to-follow instructions on how you can transform simple shapes into cool doodles. In this live online, step-by-step workshop, you will:

  • Learn the foundations of simple drawing techniques
  • Learn new ways to make note-taking more fun
  • Gain ideas for bullet journal spreads
  • Learn to embrace and express your creativity
  • Be able to turn ordinary office supplies into custom art
  • Be able to teach others how to doodle

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies will I need?
Stuff you can already find at home! Any type of writing tool and any type of paper will work just fine.
Do I need to have any art skills?
Absolutely not. This class is designed for the self-described “non-artsy and non-creative person”. And you already have the art skills. I’m just here to help you discover them.
What ages should attend?
The class is designed for young adults and above. However, if you have children that would like to attend, I recommend a guardian to be present. This is a great family activity done together.
What will set up look like?
A working area (e.g., desk) that has enough space for you to see the screen and draw at the same time. Stable Internet connection is required. If joining via mobile, the Zoom app will need to be downloaded. Please sign into Zoom prior to class to make sure all plug-ins are downloaded.
Are private workshops available for corporate events?
Yes! Please contact me at to discuss details. I will be more than happy to customize a workshop tailored to your requirements.

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