Private Chinese Calligraphy Workshops for Corporations and Institutions

Private Chinese Calligraphy Workshops for Corporations & Institutions

My purpose is to be a bridge to one of the most complex languages through the art of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and to embrace our shared humanity through understanding of cultures


This workshop offers a unique cultural experience for participants to learn about Asian culture through an introduction to the traditional art form of Chinese calligraphy. Learn how an ancient art has relevance in today’s world. The art of Chinese calligraphy requires us to slow down as we practice patience with learning each character stroke. This workshop will travel back in time, away from today’s fast-paced world, to practice mindfulness. Workshops can be held to—but not limited to—celebrate Lunar New Year, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Asian studies courses. Workshops are designed to meet requirements for Employee Resource Group (ERG) events, academic course supplements, etc. and have been held with museums, universities, and corporations.


  • Learn how to write a traditional Chinese character
  • Learn simple illustrative visual cues to enforce character and meaning association
  • Learn etymology and culture
  • Learn traditional tools and techniques
  • Make your own custom greeting cards with your calligraphy art
  • Go behind the scenes with artist Rayna Lo on her art process
  • Practice mindfulness with the art of calligraphy

Who Should Attend

Anyone curious about learning different cultures! Workshops are designed for beginners with little to no experience and taught in English. No need to speak the Mandarin language. The online platform allows for cross-functional and cross-regional groups to participate in this event together.

Workshop Details

Workshops are operated out of Eastern Standard Time in the US. The duration of the workshop is between 1.5 – 2 hours or customizable.

Early mornings and late evenings in various time zones can be accommodated.

What to Expect


  • Set workshop date and time
  • Set cut-off date for participant registration to ensure timely prep and delivery of kits
    • Please allow at least 2 weeks, including weekends & holidays, prior to start of workshop for kit prep and shipping
  • Collect and provide list of mailing addresses for kits
  • Please feel free to use any of this information listed for marketing purposes. I can assist with this as well

Fee & Payment

Speaker fee + Calligraphy Supply Kit Cost

  • Speaker Fee: Pricing can be discussed for large groups and will depend on duration.
  • Calligraphy Supply Kit Cost: $33 USD per kit

Manual invoices or PayPal invoices can be issued. Please note that 3.2% will be added for PayPal invoices. You do not need a PayPal account if paying by credit/debit card.

Kit & Shipment Details

  • Kits include Japanese handmade calligraphy brush, calligraphy rice paper, sumi ink, custom calligraphy guide, & blank stationery set for DIY card making
  • Kits are shipped out of Greater Boston, MA, USA
    • For US domestic shipments, kits are shipped USPS Priority Mail
    • For international shipments, carriers will be assessed based on price, availability, and regulations (e.g., sanctioned countries, customs tariff codes)
  • Kits are $33 USD + $10 USD for US domestic shipping
    • International shipping rates determined by destination
  • Additional brushes can be purchased for $9 USD each
  • Kits purchased from me are not required; supplies can be purchased elsewhere or participants can use their own
    • Custom calligraphy guides will have to be downloaded electronically

Chinese Character

You have the option to choose a character to write and I will create custom calligraphy worksheet guide for participants to follow along with. Perhaps a character that has significance to your organization and/or aligns with your organization’s values. I am also able to provide options.

Technology Requirements

Stable Internet connection is required for Zoom. If joining via mobile, the Zoom app will need to be downloaded. Please sign into Zoom prior to workshop to make sure all plug-ins are downloaded.

Photos & Recordings

Taking photos/screenshots are acceptable. Recordings are acceptable for private use only.

Thank you for supporting woman-owned, minority-owned, and independent artist business! Please contact me at for questions.

Thank you for supporting woman-owned, minority-owned, and independent artist business! Please contact me at for questions.