Private commission of a pet portrait incorporating Kazuo’s Japanese name and owner’s surname. Kazuo had just turned 16 years old and the owner wanted a piece to commemorate all the joy and love he’s received from his beloved Shiba inu.

This was my first time creating a pet portrait and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of capturing Kazuo’s gentle spirit in this piece. He is as delicate and patient as the meticulously drawn hair strokes.

24.5 x 19.25 in. Mixed media. July 2020.

Taiwanese and Persian Happiness

A personal gift to celebrate my cousin’s wedding and to welcome my Persian sister. I combined 快樂 (happy in Mandarin) with happy in Farsi. The ending strokes of traditional Chinese characters begin the strokes for Farsi in seamless transition to symbolize their union. The goal was to convey their beautiful relationship and unbreakable bond. Living in the United States has given me the privilege to witness so many wonderful inter-cultural unions and I am so blessed to have my Persian sister in the family.

Gold Paint on Paper

Support & Growth

Private commission incorporating the couple’s respective names in Arabic and Khmer languages. Creating this piece was honor and privilege. Their partnership is an inspiration and model for me to follow in all my relationships–one that is full of love and unconditional support.

16 in x 24 in. Watercolor and paint.

Double Happiness

Traditional Double Happiness symbol (囍) hand painted on a wooden tray for a wedding tea ceremony. Tea is offered as a sign of respect and peonies were added to represent royalty and virtue. The Double Happiness ligature is composed of 喜喜 – which are two adjacent copies of the Chinese character 喜, which means joy. Commission.

Paint on acacia wood. 2 inches high x 15 inches diameter

Lucky Cat

These Lucky Cats are here to wish you good fortune. The character 福 means Lucky and Good Fortune in Mandarin. I was inspired by the waving lucky cat commonly seen at Asian restaurant entrances.

Watercolor and Sumi Ink on Watercolor Paper


The fish are here to wish you abundance! 魚 means fish and is an important dinner dish. Since Mandarin is a tonal language, homophones play an integral part in our culture. The character for fish sounds like the character for abundance 餘. Therefore, we eat fish to wish everyone abundance during holidays – especially during Lunar New Year.

Watercolor and Sumi Ink on Watercolor Paper



Rooster for Year of the Rooster

Sumi Ink on Watercolor Paper


Drawing characters and its meaning together. 龍 means dragon in Mandarin. In Chinese mythology, dragons traditionally symbolize strong and auspicious power with control over water, rainfall, lightning and thunder.

Gold Paint on Paper


Blending traditional eastern and western meanings for Phoenix (鳳). In Chinese culture, the phoenix is an auspicious creature that symbolizes high virtue, grace, and peace. In western culture, phoenix symbolizes rebirth. In this piece, the virtuous phoenix is breaking free from its confines.

Sumi Ink on Watercolor Paper

Dragon & Horse Home

This piece celebrates a couple’s son (born year of the dragon) and daughter (born year of the horse). Auspicious dragon and horse idioms are drawn to resemble a house structure to symbolize the couple creating a home with their children. 馬到成功 is an idiom meaning instant success; mom was pregnant at the time and this idiom was used to encourage a smooth delivery. 龍騰虎躍 is an idiom that means dragons and tigers leaping in prosperous and vigorous fashion. Commission.

Ink on Watercolor Paper

Between Heaven & Earth, there is a Journey

We all have our unique journey (路程) between Heaven (天) and Earth (地). I was inspired to create this piece when I finally realized I was free to carve my own path instead of following my family’s footsteps and expectations.

Ink on Watercolor Paper

Double Happiness Wedding Sign

Custom wedding sign with hand-drawn flowers and double happiness symbol. The Double Happiness ligature is composed of 喜喜 – which are two adjacent copies of the Chinese character 喜, which means joy

8 ft x 5 ft


Cafe Mami Japanese Restaurant Logo

Custom logo incorporating Japanese elements for Cafe Mami — a Japanese comfort food restaurant located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The iconic Mount Fuji peaking over the clouds represents Cafe Mami’s goal of reaching the highest quality their with food and service. The everlasting sun shows Cafe Mami’s passion and energy to achieve these goals on a daily basis.


Cafe Mami Japanese Restaurant Menu Design

Custom menu design with hand drawn lettering and illustrations.