Virtual Chinese Calligraphy Workshop For Beginners

About This Event

Learn the basics of Chinese calligraphy! In this live online, step-by-step workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to write a traditional Chinese character
  • Learn traditional tools and techniques
  • Start to discover your calligraphy handwriting style
  • Go behind the scenes with artist Rayna Lo on her art process


Date and Time

Thu, June 18, 2020
10:00 PM – 11:30 PM EST

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What about supplies?
Supply kits, which include:
  • Black sumi ink (2oz)
  • Hanshi rice paper pack (100 sheets)
  • Calligraphy Brush 9/32” x 11/16” (CA2 model from Yasutomo)
are available for purchase at a discounted price compared to retail at If you’d like to purchase elsewhere, links are provided in the FAQ section below. No need to purchase supplies if you already have them. Supplies will be shipped to you prior to start of workshop and will last you beyond the workshop. Calligraphy guides in pdf format will be available for download at and will also be included in the kits. If you need paper copies of calligraphy guides but not the kit, please contact me.
How big are the classes?
Each workshop will have less than 10 participants (instructor included) to maximize learning and to ensure constructive communication.
Do I need to have any art skills?
Absolutely not. No experience necessary. Just an open mind to learn!
Anything else I need?
Stable internet connection is required. If joining via mobile, the Zoom app will need to be downloaded. Please sign into Zoom prior to class to make sure all plug-ins are downloaded. You will also need the following:
  • Cup/jar of water for wetting the brush
  • Small saucer for the ink
  • Paper towels
  • Newspaper/scrap paper to put between the rice paper and your table to prevent ink from bleeding through (washes off with water)
Can I request characters to write?
Absolutely! Please send me an email at or message me using the form on this page and I’ll see what we can do!
Where else can I purchase supplies?
If you’d like to purchase from other sources, please check out:


  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Brush (Note: Blick does not carry the Yasutomo CA2 model calligraphy brush that is offered in the calligraphy kit)


In case there are any allergies, what are the supplies made of?
Yasutomo products are part of American KUSA Corporation, located in Southern California, and is a member of the Kotobuki Group based in Kawagoe, Japan.
  • Sumi Ink

    • Water-resistant sumi ink is permanent and made from high quality vegetable soot. Ink contains a small amount of shellac, which allows for unique glazing capabilities. Ink can easily wash off surfaces with water. Empty container is recyclable.
  • Hanshi Rice Paper

    • Rice paper is made with very long fibers from the mulberry tree making them very strong, yet lightweight and durable. Size is 9 1/2” x 13” and is recyclable.
  • Calligraphy Brush

    • Set in bamboo, the brush is made with a combination of horse, badger, and sheep hair. Other branded brushes can be made of wolf hair.
How do I care for the brush?
After each use, gently run brush under warm water and lay out flat to dry or hang dry before storing. Brush also comes with a loop for hanging.
What if I’m not receiving email communications?
Check your spam folder in case my emails make their way there.
I really hope you can join! Looking forward to discovering your calligraphy style and sharing my culture with you! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out here. You can also find me at or




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