It’s My Birth Month and this is My Simple Wish List by Rayna Lo

It’s My Birth Month and this is My Simple Wish List

For me, March is always an exciting time of the year because it feels like the start of a new year. It’s my favorite month and just so happens to be my birth month. The spring equinox happens this month and elicits so many feelings of renewal, optimism, and joy for me.

I find myself wanting less material things as I get older and notice that I find more joy in the smaller things. I made a list of things I actually wanted to here’s what some of them are:

  • More zero-waste stores
  • People to NOT litter
  • Costco combo pizza to return
  • Abolish the electoral college
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Cat
This was a fun exercise listing out what you want because you get to see what your values are and how much they have changed. I actually want to be able to bring empty containers and refill on essentials instead of bringing home so much plastic. I hate unnecessary plastic waste. Also, I think we have a lot work to do in building a more just and equitable world. I truly believe the world would be a better place if energy were directed from voter suppression to things that are more important. Like, I don’t know, tackling climate change together and building a more healthy future. Just a thought.

The date is March 2021 and I have gone a whole year without Costco’s combo pizza. If my birthday cake was a Costco combo pizza, I’d be pretty happy 🙂

Also, a cat would be so fun. Stay tuned. If you see more cat art from me, you’ll know why!

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